What are the latest (2018) abortion statistics for Delaware?

  • 1,740 abortions in DE, or 14.3% of all pregnancies
  • 45% on black women; 49.5% on white women
  • 13.5% on women from out of state
  • 40% are repeat abortions

What is happening with “Medical Aid in Dying” bill, HB 140?

  • Failed to reach a vote after being released from committee in 2022 session. Slated to resurface in 2023 session.
  • Allows nurse practitioners to prescribe lethal drugs
  • Permits falsifying a death certificate
  • Requires MAID be an option for ALL terminal patients

What should I know about the abortion pill?

  • It may be reversed if only the first pill is taken; go to www.abortionpillreversal.com or call (866) 594-2016

  • Has a significant failure rate; often needs surgical follow-up

  • Causes severe cramping and bleeding and may cause injury

What are the main health risks from abortion?

  • Higher risk for breast cancer, premature birth, and depression

  • Higher risk for cervical/uterine injury, especially in late-term abortions

  • Higher risk for future ectopic pregnancies and infertility

Concerned about your long-acting contraception (LARCs)?

  • Most IUD’s cause early abortions; they function by not allowing the baby to implant in the uterus

  • Many hormonal injections, patches, and inserts can cause early abortions and/or severe side effects that are dangerous to your health

  • For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=nexplanon%20nightmares

How do laws affect Abortion in Delaware?

  • Since 2017 when the Delaware legislature passed SB5, abortion is legal in Delaware until the moment of birth for any and no reason

  • Abortion clinics in Delaware continue to be self-policed with little institutional oversight.

  • A recently passed law removes any penalty for a doctor who kills a woman during an abortion procedure.

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