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Our Mission:  Founded in 1973, Delaware Right to Life is the largest and most active pro-life organization in the state. Our mission is to defend innocent human life from conception to natural death. We seek to return legal protection to the unborn and to guard the sanctity of life of all those threatened by the culture of death, whether by abortion, withholding of care, or euthanasia. Education is the focus of our outreach.

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A  Delaware Right to Life Chapter is actively involved in Kent County.

If you are interested in forming a Chapter in Sussex or New Castle Counties, please contact us at email@derighttolife.org or use the form below.

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During the feast of Thanksgiving, let’s be grateful for the precious gift of LIFE.  We are living through tough times, but we are alive, born into this age for a purpose.  Let’s not squander our opportunities, nor shun taking action in defense of LIFE.  Abortion is still considered an “essential” business and Planned Parenthood continues to kill.  With new, “progressive” Democrats in office, Rep. Baumbach will most certainly promote MORE death by pushing HB140, for assisted suicide in Delaware.  Now is not the time to be cowed by fear, but the time to step forward in FAITH! 

VOLUNTEER  We need a skilled organizer who’s familiar with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram who can coordinate posts about events, news, and other information.  A regular, consistent presence on social media is a MUST in this day and age.

PRAY AND COUNSEL at one of the two PP locations in Wilmington and Dover.  Sidewalk warriors show up in Wilmington at 7th & Shipley from 9-11 a.m. on abortion day,Tuesdays, and on Fridays in Dover, at 805 Governors Ave., from 9-12.

HELP PLAN A VIRTUAL SEMINAR to take the place of our annual banquet, and featuring a nationally known pro-life leader (not confirmed, but close!).

ASSIST our efforts to organize membership information.

SUBMIT public relations ideas – press releases, billboards, radio ads, and creative designs – to help get out pro-life message to Delawareans




We in the community oppose HB 140, the “The Ron Silverio/Heather Block End of Life Options Law” for the primary reasons that it abandons persons in their moment of need and isolates them from family and trusted physicians.  The bill, both lethal and unnecessary, acts to impose assisted suicide on the citizens of Delaware and compromises the integrity of the state’s health care system.  It seeks to kill, rather than care.

This dangerous legislation is part of a larger national agenda through Compassion and Choices (formerly aka The Hemlock Society) to normalize assisted suicide in as many states as possible.  It is opposed by leading medical communities, including the Delaware Medical Society, which calls it “fundamentally inconsistent with our role as physicians and healers.”  Its safeguards, as written, are unable to be policed and open the door to not only substandard care for patients, but corruption of our medical and legal systems.

Delaware citizens facing a terminal diagnosis and who may yet have years to live, deserve our support, love and care.  We urge the legislature and the governor to reject assisted suicide, physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, as enshrined in HB 140.


Please fill out the form below. We will present your objection to HB 140 to the legislature and the governor.

OPPOSE HB 140, a bill that would legalize Assisted Suicide in Delaware!

Rep. Paul Baumbach of Newark is pushing HB 140, the so-called “Ron Silverio/Heather Block End of Life Options Law,” he is co-sponsoring. Driven by a nationwide effort funded by Compassion and Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society), he and his supporters aim to allow doctors to prescribe deadly drugs to terminally ill patients wishing to kill themselves.  Formerly called “Aid in Dying,” “Death with Dignity,” and “Physician-Assisted Suicide,” the new version has been purged of all references to death, dying, and suicide, but its malicious content has not changed.

The bill needs to be opposed on many levels:

  • It violates God’s law, “Do not kill,” by allowing fallible humans to take life away.
  • It violates the physician’s Hippocratic oath to “first, do no harm” and turns doctors into
  • It fails to focus on pain management and the physical, psychological, and spiritual
    needs of the patient, aiming to eliminate suffering by eliminating the patient.
  • It lacks safeguards against abuse, coercion, and corruption of the health care system
    by: allowing unsupervised lethal drugs in the home, providing immunity to all involved in
    the killing of the patient, and opening the door to unscrupulous intent.
  • It fails to consider mental health, specifically depression, when evaluating a patient.
  • It opens the possibility of abuse in targeting vulnerable populations for death instead of
    care:  the elderly, disabled, and depressed.
  • It leads to an overall rise in suicide rates.
  • It is opposed by the Delaware Medical Society and several hospice organizations, who
    call it “fundamentally inconsistent with our role as physicians and healers.”

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So many women who aborted say later, “IF ONLY someone had been outside, I wouldn’t have done it.”  Our presence on the sidewalks outside Planned Parenthood is crucial and may be the difference between life and death.  We counsel, offer support, and witness to the humanity of the unborn. The walk towards an abortion clinic is the last chance for so many women to change their minds and start over.  PLEASE JOIN US at these locations and times:

  • Planned Parenthood, Dover, 805 Governor’s Ave., Thursday & Friday mornings, 9 AM – noon.

  • Planned Parenthood, Wilmington, 7th and Shipley Streets, Tuesdays, 9 AM – 11 AM.

  • Contact Dave at Horace33@aol.com for Wilmington locations and Jim at Jim@cordie.us for Dover.

Weekly Prayer Vigils

Wilmington PP

Dover PP